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A Letter from Leanna

Hi, I’m Leanna and I am excited to share what my family is like. I look forward to being able to meet and to get to know you. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mom and after the adoption of my son in 2019, I immediately felt the immense joy that being a mother would bring into my life. To grow my family once more, through adoption, would be such a joy.

It’s important to me that my child is given plenty opportunities to follow their dreams, that they are raised in a home where God is present in our daily lives and that they have the confidence in knowing their family is always there, supporting and encouraging them. Our home is filled with constant laughter, many adventures ( such as Zoo or beach trips) and lots of hugs. I can’t wait to welcome your child with loving and open arms, and to have the opportunity to join them in the adventure of life. I am  open to whatever type of contact you would like in the future.

About me

I am a neonatal nurse practitioner and I love my work helping families and babies! Friends describe me as honest, kind, and energetic. I love the outdoors and am always willing to try a new baking recipe. My faith is important to me and I’m active in our church and also sing in the choir. My church family is wonderful and we have many friends we enjoy seeing there.

I always considered adoption as a way to grow my family and in 2019 I was blessed with the opportunity to adopt my first son. Seeing life through the eyes, interests and activities of my son has been amazing. It has helped me rediscover childhood favorites, like inner-tubing down a snowy hill, Trick-or-treating, running through sprinklers and drinking hot chocolate with overflowing whipped cream!! Zachary has also taught me to enjoy new things, dinosaur exhibits, building train tracks and playing in ball pits. I love getting into the things that my son is learning about or interested in!

My Interests and Hobbies

I enjoy spending time doing a lot of different activities, such as:

• Walking my dogs
• Gardening
• Cooking & baking
• Working on house projects
• Crafting
• Spontaneous day trips
• Sewing and quilting (my aunt taught me to quilt!)
• Painting
• Playing instruments and singing

It’s been so fun to share some of my interests with Zachary too! He has become quite the baker and he is even practices his singing skills during our choir rehearsals.

My Son and Family

My parents are loving, generous and amazing grandparents. Their love for me and my son is profound -Zachary can hardly contain his excitement when we visit them, and our house is filled with squeals of delight when they come over! As grandparents do, they often join in on our adventures. They love stocking up their house and huge yard with toys and actives for Zach. They are definitely excited to support me in growing our family and to become second time grandparents.

I also have a great circle of friends-like-family, so Zachary has lots of “aunts” who adore him! We enjoy outings to the zoo and backyard barbecues with friends pretty often.

My son, Zachary, is a joy. He is a happy, humorous, independent and curious little man. He has a fun, quirky sense of humor, and a huge passion for cars, trains and animals. Becoming a big brother would be a natural for him and he talks about it often. Zachary has even helped get the nursery ready for a new baby. He loves books about being a big brother and we’re both excited to grow our family.

Living in Oregon

My home is in the North West area of Oregon, in a well established neighborhood that is sought out for its big yards, wonderful schools and family friendly atmosphere. The kids in the neighborhood love playing together and they are often running between yards. There’s even a playground within walking distance of our house. Plus, our home is just a short drive from the beach or the mountains, perfect for day trips to the ocean or exploring nature.

We have a great sized yard with patios, deck areas, a large garden and lots of paths to run on. It’s a great place to raise children! My house has 3 large bedrooms and a large bonus room that I’ve made into a play room. The play room is where we spend hours playing and listening to music. Outside we spend a lot of time digging in dirt, planting flowers and taking care of our garden.


As a mom, I love the making new traditions while incorporating old ones. Two long-standing family traditions since I was a child have been Lego building and hikes on Christmas morning, both of which we continue to enjoy. New traditions Zachary and I have started is a yearly trip with friends to Eastern Oregon in the summer for river rafting, swimming, and bike riding. The two of us also enjoy Saturday pizza and movie night (always with popcorn!). I am so excited to pass down these traditions and make new ones as our family grows!

My Promise

I promise that my children will always come first in my life, regardless the situation. They will be raised in a family and a community that has a strong foundation in faith love and support; while also growing up in a home that is full of love and laughter. I will strive to provide as many opportunities and experiences as possible, helping them grow into a confident adult. It has been a blessing to keep in touch with my son’s birth mother and I am happy to have as much contact as you wish and are comfortable with in the future.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Leanna

My EducationMasters in Nursing
My ProfessionsNeonatal Nurse Practitioner
Stay-At-HomeNo; although I only work 12 days a month
My Racial BackgroundCaucasian
Some of Leanna's Favorites
Dream VacationGalapatos Islands
Thing to bake Themed desserts
MovieHarry Potter Trilogy
Childhood memoryTrick-or-treating with my dad
SeasonSummer (I love the heat!)
Dog or Cat?Dogs and their quirky personalities
More About My Family
What Open Adoption is Like for Us:

Adoption is such a beautiful part of my life and I am raising Zachary to understand and be proud of how we came together through adoption. Zachary’s adoption is open, and we are in touch with his birth mother every few months. I love sharing updates with her! From the beginning, I've talked to Zachary about his birth mother at night, and now that he is a toddler we pray for her together. It's important to me that Zachary grow up knowing there is love throughout his adoption story. If you'd like, I will be honored to maintain a connection with you too, at your comfort level, and will always speak about you with love as your child grows up.


Our yard is full of natures pets, we love watching the humming birds enjoy their fresh food that Zachary helps me make, while the other birds chatter over their bird seed mix.

We have 3 dogs-all on the small side and all poodle mixes (which means no shedding!!!!). The elder dog, Henry, is a cockapoo and has entered his senior years. He is a fluff of a dog who prefers laps and worm hunting at a moment's notice. Finley, was rescued - a wandering pup found in California - He is a young pup and full of energy- The last pup to join our crew is a mini sized Bernese/poodle mix (Bernedoodle). Zachary, Indie and Fin are best of buds and commonly go chasing squirrels, play tug aware and keep an eye out for the mailman together.

Our Musical Interest

Music has always been in our lives. I grew up playing the piano and being a part of our high school marching band. In my adult years I joined our church choir and learned how to play the handbells. Between my mom and I, we play 4 different instruments (Violin, handbells, clarinet, piano) and we have been known to play a duet together on occasion during special events. Music is usually always on in our house, in a variety of genre's from classical to Christian to kids to Country while we are home. Whether your child will enjoy any, some, or all music it will be fun to watch their passions unfold.

Fun Facts

• I was in martial Arts for almost 20 years and have my 3rd degree black belt!
• When I was little, my grandparents lived next to a reservation when we'd find old Native American artifacts (like arrow heads and pottery) behind their house. It was like a history lesson just playing in their backyard!
• I do most home updates myself! I have learned how to replace faucets, install baseboards and put in paver patios outside to name a few. I'm currently building a fence!
• Disneyland is my all time favorite vacation spot.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn-6 months


Either a boy or girl

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me! I am very much looking forward to growing my little family through adoption. I would like to assure you that your child will be loved, cherished and surrounded by a community that is supportive and wonderful. It has been a blessing to keep in touch with my son’s birth mother since his adoption and I am happy to have as much contact as you wish and are comfortable with in the future.

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