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A Letter from Chris & Angie

We would love to share a snapshot of our lives with you! We have been married for 9 years, love life, and are passionate about serving God and helping others through our work and lives.  We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, which led us to adoption. In 2019 we were blessed to adopt our daughter, McKenna. We love being parents and have so much more love to share!  We are excited to now grow our family through adoption a second time.


We treasure our time together!  Friday nights are family-focused, a time to connect and be with each other!  They usually involve play in the backyard, wood-fired pizza or cooking on the griddle, walks or scooter rides around the neighborhood, laughter, dance parties, and snuggles.  We enjoy working out in our garage gym. McKenna loves “working out” too; swinging on the rings, and doing squats with us.  We also love Saturdays: family breakfast, pool time, exploring the Saturday market, going to the park, or on a hike. Beach, zoo, and overnight camping trips are something we try to do often as we can as a family.  We look forward to welcoming our second child and sharing our love and passions with them. We look forward to seeing the special sibling relationship that will grow between them and our daughter!


Chris has the best sense of humor and brings so much laughter and fun to our home!  Watching him become a dad has been amazing!  He will do anything for his little girl and sacrifices self for his family always!  He is quick witted, laid back, patient, and such a hard worker. He enjoys playing basketball, golfing, podcasts, comedy shows, watching sports, and working out. He loves trying new foods or going out to his favorite wing spot.  McKenna loves her daddy because he has a way of making everything more fun – rocking out in the car, dance offs, kickball in the back yard with our small group or family smashburger nights around the fire!  He looks forward to teaching our next child to shoot hoops and taking them to their first Trail Blazer game.


Angie is selfless, compassionate, and hard-working!  She has the perfect mix of a tender heart for others with mamma bear instincts for her family.  She is always up for an adventure and loves being active, running, pickleball, and hiking.  Her work and faith have led her to invest in others as a physical therapist and college professor.  She loves to bake and makes the best peach cobbler! Believing the best relationships are built around the table, she loves hosting others in our home.  Angie approaches life with a positive attitude.  She is already an amazing mom to McKenna, loving walks, nightly story time, berry picking, and planning special birthday parties.  She has loved teaching McKenna to swim, to enjoy nature, and to see the world around her with wonder.   She can’t wait to watch our next child take their first steps and build their first snowman.


Our faith is the most important thing to us.  We are active in our church, attend regularly, and host a small group at our house.  These people have become more than just friends, they’re like family. We will consistently teach and live out the values and truths from the Bible: how to respect, love, and serve others and to know God personally.

McKenna has been the biggest blessing in our lives. She is passionate and determined, curious, a learner, a snuggler, and always wants to be helping with whatever mom and dad are involved in. She loves running, going to the park, trips to the beach, dance parties, and reading with her parents and grandparents.  She can’t wait to be a big sister.

We consider ourselves so fortunate to have amazing, supportive parents who live in the same town, have been married for over 37+ years, and provide child care when we both have to work.  Angie’s sister is married with two boys, and Chris has a sister who’s married with three girls.  We love our niece and nephew times!  Angie’s family loves to play games and travel together.  Chris’ family loves to spend time at grandma’s cabin on the lake.  They are all thrilled to be on this journey with us!


We live in a smaller suburb close to the city, mountains, and coast.  We have a 4 bedroom home with a room picked out just for our next child, a fenced backyard and large outdoor space that’s lit up with “happy lights.”  A hot tub and firepit create the perfect setting for family nights and storytelling with McKenna, Riggins (our sweet golden retriever), and our next child.  We love sitting out, grilling, and enjoying the evenings with friends and family.  Our neighborhood is very safe with hiking trail heads right across the street, 2 parks, a pitching practice golf green, and open fields for all the sports!


We promise to love your child and provide them with a home full of laughter, adventure, and God.  We promise to provide experiences that will allow them to explore and dream big for their future.  We promise to be present, engaged parents who will put the needs of your child above our own.  We promise to teach Christian values, pray for them, and pray with them.  We have a wonderful relationship with our daughter’s birth family and would love to have the same with you if you are comfortable. We are open to letters, photos, and visits at your comfort level.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Chris & Angie

  Chris Angie
Our EducationBachelor's - Christian MinistryDoctorate - Physical Therapy
Our ProfessionsPastorPhysical Therapist, College Professor
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Chris & Angie's Favorites
Favorite FoodFried Chicken Sandwich, grilled steak, pizzaSpicy Tacos with chips and guacamole
Favorite IcecreamBen and Jerry's Tonight DoughTillamook Cookies and Cream waffle cone
SportBasketball, golf or baseballVolleyball (played in college)
Holiday TraditionSeafood crab pot dinnerChristmas tree hunting for the perfect tree and decorating the house with lights (the more the better)!
MovieCreed Any Christmas movie
TV ShowThe Office, Ted LassoThe Voice
GameDo we have to play? 🙂Settlers of Catan or Spades
More About Our Family
A Typical Weekend with Us

Usually, a weekend is all about family time! We love staying in if it was a busy week, cooking a big breakfast, hiking the trails in our backyard, or visiting a park to get out! We often get together with grandparents and cousins as well! These get togethers are loud and so fun - card games with Angie's family or dance parties, popcorn and movie, or pickleball at the park with Chris'. Sunday mornings are spent at church where Chris is a pastor and then usually lunch with friends or family.


Angie loves to find new recipes to cook or bake, reading a good book, or going out to explore and do something outside with the family and our golden retriever, Riggins (a run, hike a new trail or to a waterfall, snow board, beach walks). Chris loves working out in the garage, heading over to the practice pitching and putting green that we live by, golfing with a friend (or his girls ride along sometimes, too), or watching/listening to podcasts or comedy shows. McKenna loves anything active! Parks are her favorite thing right now and she loves to run, scooter, or hike the neighborhood or trails around the house. She also loves imaginative play with her dolls and stuffies; she can make a great "pizza" in her kitchen, too.

Our Musical Interest

We love music and listen to all of it! Chris loves music from the 80's and 90's and the Avett Brothers and Angie usually has Christian music (Kari Jobe, Hillsong, Cody Carnes, lots more!) playing in the house. Our daughter, McKenna, loves it as well asking Alexa to "Play dance music." We aren't sure if she loves singing or dancing more. We sing songs before bed and often rock out in the car as well!


We have a sweet golden retriever named Riggins who's 9 years old. He is so gentle, good with kids, and loves his family (sleeps outside McKenna's door). We love family walks around the neighborhood but he's starting to prefer the couch!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
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Newborn to 12 months





In Closing

Thank you for getting to know us and considering adoption for your child. We can't wait to be parents again and to share our love through snuggles, family meals, tickle wars, long walks, and story time. We are excited to be on this journey with you and are open to letters, pictures and visits.

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