Florida Adoption Law Information

Florida, like every state in the United States, has their own set of adoption laws. We recommend that you not attempt to interpret them on your own, but rather speak to an experienced adoption attorney in your home state.

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If you are Pregnant or Considering Placing a Child for Adoption…

You may have legal questions about adoption, the father of the baby, or other issues relating to your unique situation. There are answers available at no cost to you.

Organizations like Lifetime Adoption provide an Adoption Answer Line for women in any state, and will help you get in touch with an attorney who can offer you free assistance. It can even be done anonymously if you wish. Call or text today at 1-800-923-6784 to learn more.

If you are an Adoptive Family or Seeking Information about Florida Adoption Laws…

Florida Bay area adoptive family followed Florida adoption law guidelines before they adopted

There are many online sources where you can learn more about the laws of Florida. We primarily recommend visiting Child Welfare Information Gateway for more information.

We recommend that all adoptive families seek legal representation from a skilled adoption attorney. For recommendations, please visit American Adoption Law.